Steven Halbert

Professional Sales Training

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On December 14th – 16th 2011, I headed back down to the Atlanta AMA facility for a training on professional selling (for more information about trainings offered by the AMA, click on AMA).  The training was led by Linda FiermanLinda provided a great 3 days of training, and I was intrigued to sit in a room with several professional sales people.  It is always a unique experience to see how others view the world.  Some of the most helpful portions of the training were using the DISC tool to help achieve sales goals (i.e. analyzing your customer).  The final day included a role play that was also quite helpful.  Not only was it constructive to actually participate in the role play, it was informative to watch the selling techniques of others.

Linda Fierman was an excellent teacher and group facilitator.  She was willing to make time for questions and let some of the discussions lead the class into topics that were helpful to those in the room, but may have not necessarily been on the agenda.  When she’s not teaching AMA classes, Linda does coaching and consulting with companies.  In addition to sales coaching and consulting, one of her other specialties is presentation and public speaking.  Her website provides helpful tips and interesting conversations and articles about business life.  Check it out by clicking on her name anywhere in this blog.