HJ Bar


HJ-Bar combines the high conductivity of aluminum with the corrosion resistance and durability of a stainless steel cap into a single conductor bar. Unlike other aluminum/steel designs that use aluminum conductors bolted to standard steel rail to improve electrical performance, HJ-Bar optimizes the aluminum/steel electrical interface through a proprietary manufacturing process that provides continuous contact pressure along the entire length of the rail. This design results in a lightweight, durable and low-maintenance conductor rail.

HJ Bar


  • 1750, 4000 and 6000 amp capacities available
  • AC or DC voltages up to 4160V based on insulator selection
  • 30 foot standard rail lengths, custom lengths available
  • Compatible with the corresponding ‘H’ and ‘HC’ conductor bar system components
  • Suitable for top-running, under-running and side-running installations, with both tracking and non-tracking collectors


  • Steel Mills
  • OEM Crane Companies
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Electrification
  • Overhead Crane Maintenance Companies
HJ Bar 1