TransTech is proud to offer Stemmann-Technik Electrification Solutions for RTGs. We make it easy to take advantage of the technology by providing complete “new-build” systems and modifications for systems already in place. Electrifying your Rubber Tire Gantry Crane can save in fuel costs, maintenance costs, and the resulting standstill periods.



  • Telescopic Pantograph (Drive In/Drive Out Systems)
  • Installed conductor line (Drive In/Drive Out Systems)
  • Controlled from in the operator cabin(Drive In/Drive Out Systems)
  • Trolleys which are plugged in to the mobile side (RTG) (Plug In/Plug Out Systems)
  • Installed conductor line (Plug In/Plug Out Systems)
  • Safety features for knowing when system is live (Plug In/Plug Out Systems)
  • Easy Retrofit (Plug In/Plug Out Systems)
  • Stemmann quality cable reels for cable management increases the life of the cable (Cable Reel Systems
  • Cable attached to the mobile side (RTG) (Cable Reel Systems)
  • Cable layed in a safety cable channel along the ground (Cable Reel Systems)


  • Port Authorities
  • Port Terminal Operators
  • Bridge Crane OEMs
  • Crane Maintenance Companies
  • Crane Builders