Cable Reels, Slip Rings, & eRTGs

Providing Stemmann-Technik solutions by TransTech in North America. We are proud to offer unique and traditional solutions for providing power in the port, mining, and wind turbine industries through highly calibrated cable reels, slip rings, eRTG systems, and cold ironing. This is an exciting, expanding, and innovative market. Sounds right up our alley!


TransTech utilizes the sliprings of its sister company – Stemmann-Technik – when a rotating, sliding contact is needed to deliver electric power to moving machines. Slipring assemblies are used to provide uninterruptible energy and data transmission in all machines and equipment whose rotary motion does not permit fixed feed lines.


TransTech is proud to offer Stemmann-Technik Electrification Solutions for RTGs. We make it easy to take advantage of the technology by providing complete “new-build” systems and modifications for systems already in place. Electrifying your Rubber Tire Gantry Crane can save in fuel costs, maintenance costs, and the resulting standstill periods.

Cable Reels

TransTech provides cable management through the utilization of Stemmann-Technik cable reels. These reels ensure the longevity and proper care of the cables and hoses that supply mobile machines with power, control data, or other media. TransTech works closely with its sister company – Stemmann-Technik – to ensure the utmost care is taken in the winding and unwinding of hoses and cables in order to increase the life and performance of the cable or hose, as well as reduce the cost-of-life ownership of both the reel and the cable