TransTech utilizes the sliprings of its sister company – Stemmann-Technik – when a rotating, sliding contact is needed to deliver electric power to moving machines. Slipring assemblies are used to provide uninterruptible energy and data transmission in all machines and equipment whose rotary motion does not permit fixed feed lines.



  • Modular Designs
  • High Ampere and Voltage Power Transmission Available
  • Options from off-the-shelf (Bako) or highly customized explosion-proof option
  • Fiber Optic Communication Ability


  • Wind Turbines
  • Port Crane Power Cable Reels
  • Mining Power Reels
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Fire-fighting Turntable Ladders
  • Explosion-Protected Systems
  • Fairground Rides
  • Revolving Stages
  • Planetary and Radar Technology
  • Tele-and Video Communications
  • Construction Machinery
  • Turret Winders for Printing, Textile, and Packaging
  • Automotive and Robot Technology