Automated Storage and Retrieval


The increased demand for consolidation and logistics has created an industry with tight timelines and high demands. Our systems provide reliability for these rigorous standards. The retrieval systems within automated warehouses have to move fast and operate with difficult requirements (high/low temps, transfers, curves, high-speeds, etc.). Our solutions have proven successful for warehouse automation.



AKAPP Multiconductor

TransTech provides the AKAPP Multicondutor product line as its premium enclosed conductor bar product with continuous copper electrification. Multiconductor can be applied to installations with transfer guides, horizontal and/or vertical curves. Even closed curved tracks are a possibility with Multiconductor. The sky is the limit for applications including cranes, slip rings, passenger trains, automated greenhouse equipment, manufacturing material handling applications, monorail systems and window cleaning equipment.



TransTech Pro-Ductor is a unique concept specifically designed for use in automated warehouses, which are characterized by a range of extremely challenging demands .Any length more than 4 meters is possible. Connecting the sections is done using the click and lock system. No drilling or screws necessary. Up to 4 conductors can be positioned in the channels within the PVC conductor housingPR4; up to 7 conductors within the PVC conductor housing PR7, up to 10 conductors within the PVC conductor housing PR10. The number and capacity of the conductors depends on the requirements. It is possible to combine conductors for feed and control.



  • Large Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Food Storage (including cold and frozen storage)
  • Warehousing and Distribution Maintenance Departments
  • Design and Engineering Firms for Warehouses, Distribution Centers, or OEM Crane Companies