Uses & Industries

TransTech is involved with some of the most well regarded and established industries in North America. We are pleased to receive monthly accolades from various companies within these demanding industries. Below is a list of several industries in which we are considered a well-established, highly regarded supplier of solutions. We have also provided power transfer solutions for various other industries (busses, amusement parks, stages, wind turbines, oil rigs, etc.). If you need to figure out a way to get power to a moving machine within your industry, we would like to get to know you to see how we can help. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities uniquely equip us to serve just about any need.

Automated Storage and Retrieval

The increased demand for consolidation and logistics has created an industry with tight timelines and high demands. Our systems provide reliability for these rigorous standards. The retrieval systems within automated warehouses have to move fast and operate with difficult requirements (high/low temps, transfers, curves, high-speeds, etc.). Our solutions have proven successful for warehouse automation.

Steel Industry

This industry has been described as the backbone of the country, and they have helped to make America what it is today! These are hard-working, no nonsense individuals who demand quality and competence. TransTech's products and services are highly esteemed by the industry leaders who use them. We are proud to be able to meet the demanding standards placed on us by the steel industry, and we are pleased that they keep coming back!

Port and Mining Industry

This is an exciting and fast-paced industry, and we are thrilled to be part of it. We offer Stemmann-Technik solutions by TransTech here in North America. This means highly calibrated cable reels to extend cable life, eRTGs to electrify you Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (we don't see diesel fuel getting any cheaper), slip rings (custom, standard, and explosion-proof for just about any application), and alternative maritime power solutions (get those vessels off that diesel fuel), and motorized festoons. Stemmann Technik and TransTech have proven themselves as industry leaders in power transfer technology, and we are excited to be part of the technologies currently emerging in the port and mining industries.


We love cranes! We have expertise with high-amperage, heavy duty cranes; and we have expertise with the low amperage, light duty cranes.  Let us help provide the power to your crane. Our solutions include easy-to-install systems that can be customized to accommodate nearly any application. Curves? Transfers? Let us help. Proud members and contributors with of AIST, CTC, MHIA, CMAA, and ECMA.

Transit and People Mover

The transit and people moving industry is a well-established, demanding, and highly competitive group of business and government partnerships. We are proud to be well regarded among this esteemed industry. We work with the OEM Car builders and the various North American Transit Authorities. We are one of the few companies in the world that can claim expertise on both sides of the electrical interface. If you are looking for solutions to power trains or other forms of people movers (like PRT), look no further!