Transit Trainborne

Providing solutions to collect power onto the train. We design and manufacture pantographs, third-rail shoe gear, and ground return units. We have experience with light rail, heavy rail, street car and high speed applications. Because we are a Fandstan Electric Company, we can leverage technology from the most well respected names in the industry – like Brecknell-Willis and Stemmann-Technik – while innovating to meet nearly any need. Did I mention we're Buy America compliant?


TransTech is the preferred pantograph supplier to North American transit authorities and car builders. We supply our pantographs to the Transit Authorities that service over 80% of the revenue miles in North America. We design and manufacture pantographs found in high speed railway, light rail train, and intercity rail systems nationwide.

Carbon Collectors

TransTech designs and manufactures long life, low resistance carbon collector strips and assemblies for pantographs. Our carbon collector strips are known to be light weight, high electrical conductivity, cause minimal arcing and have the lowest friction resistance on the market.
The industry's best designs optimize the wear life of our customer's overhead catenary wire while holding up to concussion that occurs during everyday use. With design, manufacturing and testing of our carbon collectors located under one United States based roof, we can continuously improve our product designs and quickly respond to our customers' needs.
Our pantograph carbon collector strips offer integrated end horns that maintain contact in the most challenging situations. We have auto drop and impact detection systems which help maximize the wear life of our carbon collectors and pantographs.