Transit Wayside

Providing solutions that power trains. Let's face it. This technology has not really changed that much in the past century. Or has it? TransTech holds the original design for composite rail from Delta Star, and we have made innovative advances that can increase ampacity and reduce the number of charging stations needed on new builds . . . all without reducing the wear life of the rail. As for overhead catenary systems, TransTech is proud to offer the Arthur Flury components here in North America. We're open to new ideas for powering mass transit, so if you want us to work with you on new technology, we're in!

PANDAS Overhead Monitoring System

The OMS (Overhead Monitoring System) monitors large disturbances between the pantograph and OCS interface during routine passenger service and provide alerts to allow your team to investigate occurrences, providing a proactive maintenance plan and optimizing your OCS uptime.

Third Rail

TransTech holds the original patents for the composite rail that is so prevalent as third rail power today, but we continued innovating and now provide a superior, stainless-steel capped aluminum rail that fits many of the same profiles as the composite rail. Our technology is second-to-none. We create a rail that lasts longer than the composite rail and performs better.

Shoe Gear

Third rail shoe gear is used to supply power to railway vehicles. The shoe gear collects power from the third rail and supplies that power to the railway vehicle. TransTech supplies Stemmann and Brecknell-Willis Style shoe gear.

Overhead Catenary Components

TransTech utlizes Arthur Flury Components to ensures that systems maximize their performance. Our engineered solutions offer high performance products and we work with our customers to manage the entire life cycle of your system from installation to routine maintenance.

Grounding Contacts

frostĀ® Ground Contacts are used to prevent current backflow on railway vehicles. Preventing the current backflow protects the railway vehicle from damage caused by overheating. The ground contacts are installed at the axles at the bogie of the railway vehicle and absorb the current backflow via special carbons.