HC Bar


HC-Bar combines the high conductivity of aluminum with the wear resistance of a high-carbon steel into a single conductor bar comparable to the aluminum H-Bar product line. The highly conductive extruded aluminum conductor section is fastened to the steel section with compression bolts to ensure excellent electrical conductivity between the aluminum and steel. Used in applications where a steel contact surface is preferred to aluminum or copper, HC-Bar is a durable and low-maintenance conductor rail suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

HC Bar


  • 1000 to 5000 amp capacities available
  • AC or DC voltages up to 4160V based on insulator selection
  • 30 foot standard rail lengths, custom lengths available
  • Compatible with the corresponding ‘H’ conductor bar system components
  • Suitable for top-running and under-running installations


  • Steel Mills
  • OEM Crane Companies
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Electrification
  • Overhead Crane Maintenance Companies
HC Spec 1