HV Bar


TransTech's HV-Bar conductor system combines the economy of the lower amp H-Bar systems with the collector tracking and weather protection benefits of the V-Bar system. The HV-Bar conductor is rigid aluminum extruded from 6101-T6 alloy. The HV-Bar system offers simplicity in installation and requires no field welding, drilling or cutting. Assembly is accomplished by means of standard wrenches as hex head bolts are used on all assemblies. Conductors are furnished in factory pre-cut lengths to fit your requirements. Installation and layout draw­ings showing the location of all components are engineered for your particular requirements and are furnished with each system.

HV Bar


  • 750 amp capacity rails available
  • 750 amp dual arm current collector available
  • AC or DC voltages up to 4160V based on insulator selection
  • 30 foot standard rail lengths, custom lengths available


  • Steel Mills
  • OEM Crane Companies
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Electrification
  • Overhead Crane Maintenance Companies
HV Bar Spec 1