V Bar


Inverted 'V' conductor systems provide an efficient and economical means to power all types of moving electrical equipment. V-Bar is particularly well-suited for high contamination and outdoor applications due to its under-running design where dust and ice are unable to collect on the contact surfaces. The tracking action of the 'V' rail and the current collector accommodates misalignment for long conductor runs and simplifies conductor system installation. Available in configurations up to 6000 amps using a highly conductive and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, V-Bar systems require no field drilling or welding and can be assembled with common hand tools.

V Bar


  • 1200 to 6000 amp capacity rails available
  • 250 to 3000 amp current collector systems available
  • AC or DC voltages up to 4160V based on insulator selection
  • 30 foot standard rail lengths, custom lengths available


  • Steel Mills
  • OEM Crane Companies
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Electrification
  • Overhead Crane Maintenance Companies
V Bar 1